Our Work

Educate Maine advances education policies and practices that prepare Maine students to be the next generation of productive, engaged citizens.

  • We engage in outreach and advocacy to advance education policies and practices that prepare Maine students for postsecondary learning and the workforce.
  • We report and analyze data, the foundation of sound policies.
  • We convene education, business, and policy leaders to come up with innovative solutions to Maine's education and workforce challenges.
  • We manage programs that help us achieve our mission and realize our vision for Maine.

Our Mission

Educate Maine champions college and career readiness and strives to increase the educational attainment of the Maine workforce. All students should graduate high school prepared to succeed in postsecondary education and in the workplace, and the number of Maine people with a college degree, a postsecondary certificate, or a professional credential must increase to meet the demands of the economy.

Our Vision

For all Maine people to reach their greatest educational potential and power a strong, globally competitive Maine economy.

Our Core Beliefs

Education should be student-centered, acknowledging that people learn in different ways; possess different interests and skills; and enjoy the greatest success when they are directly engaged in their own education.

Learning is lifelong, rigorous and happens anytime, anywhere. It begins at birth and continues throughout life, inside and outside the classroom.

Educators must be elevated and supported. They are essential to student success and lead the way in creating a high quality education system. They do their best when they are given the resources and support needed to do their jobs well.

When education and business leaders work together, have greater opportunities to succeed in work and in life. We all have a responsibility to support education in our communities.