The Maine Mobile BIOLAB

Lead Presenter: Kate Howell, Director of Workforce Partnerships - Educate Maine

Kristin Diamantides, Curriculum and Instructional Design Manager - Learning Undefeated

Join us as we introduce the Maine Mobile BIOLAB: a mobile laboratory designed to bring bioscience education to the doorsteps of Maine middle schools. This session is your gateway to understanding the intersection of education and the vibrant bioscience industry in Maine. Discover the significance of bioscience, why it holds a key role in Maine's future, and how the mobile laboratory curriculum will connect this industry to your scope and sequence. Learn what the Maine Mobile BIOLAB has to offer and how you can bring it to your school starting in Spring 2024!

What's Pre-Apprenticeship Got to Do With It?

Lead/Moderator: Kristine McCallister, Labor Program Specialist - Maine Department of Labor

Sam Boss, Apprenticeship and Workforce Equity Director - Maine AFL-CIO
Hannah Greene, Workforce Development Specialist - Educate Maine

This interactive session will provide an overview of certified pre-apprenticeship programming. Maine AFL-CIO and Educate Maine will describe their involvement in the creation of immersive industry based pre-apprenticeship programs for construction and aquaculture occupations. Session participants will learn the basics of pre-apprenticeship and how their school, business or organization can create a pre-apprenticeship program to help connect students to registered apprenticeship programs leading to post-secondary credentials and family sustaining wages and careers.


Funding Pathways to the Workforce & Credentials of Value

Lead Presenter: Mila Tappan, Manager of College Access and Outreach - Finance Authority of Maine (FAME)

Multiple pathways to credentials of value and good paying jobs are available, but one thing that stalls many folks is figuring out how to pay for education or training. In this session, we will review various pathways and ways to cover or help mitigate the cost. We will also review low cost options as a way to save money on education in the long run.


Stepping Stone to an ELO

Lead/Moderator: Michelle Anderson, President & CEO - Junior Achievement of Maine 

Danielle Moody, President - Moody’s Co-Worker Owned, Inc.
Heather Perry - Superintendent, Gorham School District

Workforce attraction and experiential learning can start in a K-12 classroom! Join Junior Achievement of Maine, Moody's Co-Worker Owned, Inc., and Gorham School District in a lively discussion on how to prepare students for Maine’s future workforce through real-world, mentor driven experiences. This interactive session will focus on breaking down barriers and creating connections between the business and education communities while showcasing the power of engaging younger students in career exploration on long term career interest. Participants will learn how to cultivate a robust talent pipeline through innovative education and business partnerships and walk away with action steps to implement these powerful partnerships in their classroom or business.


Empowering Learners and Changing Lives: Expanding Learning Opportunities for Students and Supporting Maine's Workforce Goals

Lead/Moderator: Tamara Ranger, Director, Workforce Development and Innovative Pathways - Maine DOE

Megan Dichter, Adult Education Director - Maine DOE
Dwight Littlefield, Career and Technical Education Director - Maine DOE
Rick Wilson, Extended Learning Specialist - Maine DOE
Jason C. Libby, Education Pathways and Early College Coordinator - Maine DOE
Britt Wolfe, Principal - Sacopee Valley High School

In this interactive session, participants will hear from Adult Education, Career and Technical Education, Extended Learning Opportunities, and Education Pathways & Early College leaders about exciting WDIP initiatives underway, the positive impact they are having on Maine’s learners, and how this work is supporting growth and diversity in Maine’s workforce. Today’s session will highlight three current initiatives: College and Career Success Coordinators/Navigators, CTE Expansion, and Extended Learning Opportunities. Participants will leave the session with examples of models and partnerships that contribute to the success of these initiatives!


WaYS to Shift the Paradigm

Lead Presenter: tish carr, PhD - Wabanaki Youth in Science 

Tyler Tibbetts, Graduate Student - The University of Maine

Shifting an educational paradigm to be inclusive of other ways of knowing to benefit underserved students has enumerable challenges not designed to be inclusive of other ways of knowing. But there are opportunities to “unlearn and relearn” that not only benefit the students but also the educators.  Over the past year, Wabanaki Youth in Science (WaYS) has been working with a small group of educators to pilot what this shift in educational framing could look like through including "two-eyed learning" also known as Cultural Knowledge.  It has been transformational learning for all but ultimately, the shift to how curriculum is shared within the classroom and outside of the classroom utilizing Cultural Knowledge does and can enhance learning not only the student but the educator.  


Cultivating Maine's Future Educators: UMF's Continuum of Partnerships and Programs

Lead Presenter: Katherine Yardley, Interim Co-Provost, Dean, College of Education, Health, and Rehabilitation - University of Maine at Farmington

Erin Connor, Associate Dean of Graduate Education and Continuing Education
Patty Williams, Chair, Division of Teacher Education, Health, and Rehabilitation Services
Suzanna Gallant, Human Resources Director, Lewiston Public Schools
Julia Jeremias, Early Childhood Education Off-Campus Bachelor's Degree Program Advisor and Coordinator

This session will discuss the multiple ways UMF is working with school districts across the state to diversify Maine's teacher workforce. Efforts range from those focused on high school students to those at the graduate level. Representatives from UMF, schools, and program participants will highlight a few of the collaborations and resources UMF has put in place to effectively develop and implement Grow Your Own Teacher Programs to expand and retain the teacher workforce.   


*Schedule and sessions subject to change