2,020 MAINE Books Challenge Overview 

As of July 23, we have REACHED THE 2,020 BOOKS CHALLENGE GOAL!

Not only did we reach the financial goal for supporting Maine's booksellers ($20,200), but we SMASHED the overall goal of number of books to kids: we have counted over 10,000 books from gift cards to direct book donations.

The team at Educate Maine shares our gratitude for all of the following:

Individual Contributors - for your kind donations, support for our kids, local stores, and words of encouragement.

Teachers and Helpers - often called our "Book Heroes," who put in countless hours to get books to kids safely during school closures, store closures, and physical distancing. Their extra touches - finding just the right book, leaving just the right note - will make an impact long after this trying time.

Local Bookstores - for changing their procedures to keep everyone safe, selecting excellent books, making donations to the cause themselves, and in many cases running their own book drives!

Maine Organizations - including the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein, Unum, Ruth's Reusable Resources, Cumberland County Law Enforcement, and Kennebunk Portside Rotary Club, for their significant financial and in-kind contributions to get books into the hands of kids who need them.

Additional Supporters - the ELE Theta Class at Educate Maine, who donated $2,500 from their program expenses to support the cause; Emily Larsen, volunteer extraordinaire who helped with our social media for the challenge; Allison Sinnett, Educate Maine summer intern who picked up that mantle; Fujii Associates, who donated hundreds of new books that were shipped to teachers all across the state; and everyone else who helped to spread the word and make this initiative a success.

2,020 Books Challenge Overview

Purpose: To support local STUDENTS and BUSINESSES during this period of remote learning by getting books in the hands of as many Maine children as possible. Read our story.

For information about how one school is getting books into the hands of students at this time, read on. Thank you for the inspiration, Iris Eichenlaub, 2017 Knox County Teacher of the Year!

Quick Guide to Maine Booksellers