Educate Maine & The Maine State Chamber of Commerce release latest policy brief report: Getting Ready for High-Paying Careers in Maine

January 02, 2019

Educate Maine and the Maine State Chamber of Commerce has released their latest policy brief report. This report identifies the jobs and sectors that are in demand now, and that are projected to be in demand in Maine for the next ten years. For each of these sectors—computer analysis, construction, engineering, health care, hospitality, and manufacturing—the report describes the jobs that are in demand, the pathways for certification in each of these jobs, and how those interested can take the initial steps to get qualified.

Read the latest report here:

The policy brief series is brought to you through a partnership between Educate Maine and the Maine
State Chamber of Commerce, and through the generous support of the John T. Gorman and Nellie Mae Education Foundations. The production of the report was made possible by the contributions of Lisa Plimpton (research), Frank O’Hara (writing), and Pica // brand, strategy, design (design and layout).

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