Hopin Access

You can access the 2021 Virtual Education Symposium site at the following link when it is live on December 10th: 


This link will get you to the event page and if you scroll down you will see your booth. You will be able to enter once the conference becomes live on December 10. Your session will not be accessible until 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

Compatible Browsers

Join Hopin from a compatible browser. Hopin works best on Chrome and Firefox.

Pro tip: Make sure your browser is up to date.

Ensure your browser's permissions are granted to have access to your camera and microphone

Video/Audio Access

Ensure that you have logged out of all Zoom and other video browser accounts to ensure that your computer will allow Hopin to have control of you video and audio feed.

Need Assistance?

Contact us at info@educatemaine.org

Hopin Invites

You should have received an invite to register as a speaker at Educate Maine's Hopin Conference event already. 

If you have not registered, please email angela@educatemaine.org and I will resend the speaker ticket link to you.

NOTE:  Speakers and panelists will not be able to access our event unless they register for the event with Hopin email. 

Conference Schedule

For Friday Speakers:

8:30 am Expo & Login
9:00 am Main Stage Welcome
9:30 am Session 1
10:30 am Main Stage Morning Keynote
11:15 am Stretch Break
11:30 am Session 2
12:20 pm Expo / Lunch
1:00 pm Main Stage Keynote & Awards
2:00 pm Session 3
2:50 pm Closing Comments


We recommend looking at the following short videos to learn about the features of your Hopin Session:

Attendee Experience - See what it will be like for you in other sessions and your session attendees

Sharing your PowerPoint slides - Learn about sharing your screen for PowerPoint

Sharing audio from any third party app - How to hear audio during a screen share from any third party application

Including captions with your session - Accommodate all our learners and ensure you are being 'heard' by all participants

Presenter Q & A

Not all of the speakers who are in my session are listed on on the platform, what do I do?

Educate Maine is responsible for adding speakers to your session at our Hopin event. However, we can't add a speaker until they have registered for the event.

Speakers are added to the sessions each morning and afternoon by Educate Maine as registrations come in. If a speaker for your session is not listed, it is likely they have not registered. Please reach out to them to ensure they are registered before contacting Educate Maine.

Can I get into my session before the event is live?

Unfortunately, no. You will be able to test your presentation and technology via the access link above during the two tech prep sessions being hosted in the days before the event but will not be able to broadcast or get into your session until the day and time assigned to your session. If you have technology concerns, please reference the above tutorials or contact Angela Oechslie.

How do I enter my session once the event is live?

When it's time for the event, head to this page and login before the event starts. Click Enter Event.  

To enter your session, click Sessions on the bottom lefthand side and find your session when it is the assigned time.  Click it to enter. 

Am I able to make any changes to my session?

Educate Maine staff is available that can make changes to your session description.  You will need to email any changes to angela@educatemaine.org and we will make them as soon as possible.

Does Hopin support video chat?

Yes, Hopin does support live video chats with attendees.  Please check out this video for more information:  https://youtu.be/1bq4DIh5n3o