Educate Maine and Alfond Scholarship Foundation seek summer intern

April 25, 2019 · Perfect for those interested in education policy!

Summer Intern Wanted to split time between two organizations in Portland this summer.

About Educate Maine and the Alfond Scholarship Foundation

Educate Maine advances education policies and practices that prepare Maine students to be the next generation of productive, engaged citizens. Educate Maine champions college and career readiness and strives to increase the educational attainment of the Maine workforce. All students should graduate high school prepared to succeed in postsecondary education and in the workplace, and the number of Maine people with a college degree, a postsecondary certificate, or a professional credential must increase to meet the demands of the economy.

The Alfond Scholarship Foundation (ASF) is a non-profit organization that invests $500 at birth for every Maine resident baby for their future education after high school.  This summer we will hit a major milestone: $50 million invested for 100,000 Maine children. We share regular information with families about the value of the Alfond Grant, as well as tips, resources, and tools for them to help their child’s development.  We see the grant as having both practical and aspirational benefits. The My Alfond Grant program is considered the gold standard nationally, and we regularly support other programs regionally and across the country. Last spring our Board adopted a new strategic plan with four key areas of focus:  Awareness, Engagement, Aspirations and Family Savings.

We are separate organizations that are co-located and work on several projects together.

About the Internship

This internship is a shared position with Educate Maine and the Alfond Scholarship Foundation. (ASF)

Educate Maine:  This internship provides a unique opportunity for students who are interested in education policy and related fields. The intern’s main duty will be to assist in writing our annual Education Indicators Report, which is released annually in the fall. You will be required to work as part of the project team and in collaboration with the advisory committee. You will gain experience in using quantitative data to communicate educational indicators and priorities in a concise and compelling manner. The internship will provide the opportunity to contribute valuable input into how we can continue to improve the publication and will provide a writing credit in our 2019 Education Indicators Report.

Some additional projects include developing our database for the 2019 Annual Education Leadership Luncheon and programmatic assistance.

ASF:  This internship also provides an opportunity to help a small organization with a broad reach to find effective ways to connect with families and with our many partners.  The work will likely include a strong focus on developing content for social media, as well as content and design for an e-newsletter we hope to launch this fall. We are also exploring with our marketing firm ways in which we can mark and celebrate the $50m/100k milestone this summer.  Finally, we may also look for assistance in planning and executing an event in Boston connected to our regional work with the New England Consortium of Children’s Savings Accounts (NECCSA) to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Consortium’s founding.

Requirements and Qualifications

Schedule and Duration

Start and end dates are flexible, however, we are looking for an intern who can work from June – August, approximately 40 hours a week.


A stipend of $3,000 will be provided.


To apply send resume and cover letter to

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