June 25, 2014

Dear Maine Teachers,

Your hard work, dedication and passion never goes unnoticed by businesses and community leaders throughout Maine. Please accept our thanks. We are grateful and appreciate all that you do.

We are pleased to share a few thank you messages on behalf of our board of directors. We hope you will enjoy them and pass them along to other educators. 

"I have spent my entire career in public schools and education. When I think about giving thanks for anything, right at the top of my list is teachers. I see great teaching everywhere in Maine--I see teachers working really hard--they want children to be prepared for that next step and acquire a thirst for learning. Maine’s great teachers are a role model that all children need.

Maine teachers exemplify the knowledge and skills of the content, connect with and care deeply for children (and know how to motivate and move them), and are optimistic and forward looking.

Thanks to the hard work of teachers, our children have a thirst for learning, and are life-long learners. Thank you Maine teachers for the great work you do day in and day out. You have been an inspiration to me and my work, and to the citizens of Maine as you prepare and help shape our children and youth."

J. Duke Albanese
Educate Maine Board Member
Senior Policy Advisor, Great Schools Partnership
Former Maine Commissioner of Education

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